The Reasons and the Rituals

We believe that worship is an offering to the One who has brought us safe thus far. In that spirit, we begin our worship with songs and hymns of praise, led by the more musically inclined among us. We typically include special time with the children, a sermon, congregational sharing and prayer. It is our intent to have as many individuals as are willing and able participate in our services; so, let us know of your gifts and talents!

Fellowship meals!You'll be happy to learn that we take our Fellowship Meals (potlucks) quite seriously. We try to have them once a month right after worship. Since many among us are flung across great distances, we revel in the great company of familiar friends, new faces, and... invariably scrumptious casserole dishes. So yes, you can count on hearty eats. And a lot of good conversation.

When to Show Up

Sunday SchoolWe gather for Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. where kids of all ages (age 2 through high school) will find innovative and fun-filled activities to learn about faith.

There are currently two adult classes to choose from: one examines Scriptures in a more traditional style and the second is guided by Roy (our co-pastor) doing a book study.

The service begins at 10:30 a.m. and generally concludes by noon or shortly before. While child-care is offered during the service, young children are welcome to remain with the larger group for all or a portion of the service.