Bulletin January 26, 2014

The Light of Christ calling us

January 26, 2014

 Gathering in Gods grace

Pre-service music


Hymns             Arise your light has come                   STS 1

Christ whose glory                              HWB 216

Call to worship

Leader: Come, you who are weary from the darkness of the night.

Come, you who are hopeful

who listen for the breath of God on the morning dawn.

People: We have come to worship the Lord.
with gratitude for the blessings of the day

    with pleadings for mercy and release.

Leader: For the Lord our God is gathering us in,

and Jesus the Christ is our host.

People: we welcome the Spirit that welcomes us here

      We have come to worship the Lord.

Prayer of invocation

Hymn              Longing for light                                 STJ 54

Hearing Gods grace

Children’s story

Offering/Hymn           Praise God from whom           HWB 119

Scripture          Isaiah 9:1-4; Matthew 4:12-23; 1 Cor 1:10-18

Sermon            The cost of call – the pain of light

Hymn              Help us to help each other                  HWB 362


Sharing Gods grace

Sharing of joys and concerns and church at work (Announcements)

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn              Come, come ye saints                         HWB 425


 Today                          Sermon: Roy Hange

This Week

Mon                 Board of Elders                                  7:00 pm

Tues                 Scripture from the heart                      7:00 pm

Wedn/Thurs   PACEM

Sun                  Annual Alderfer Super Bowl Party    5:00 pm

Upcoming Events

Feb 4               Men's breakfast at Bodo's on Preston 6:30 am

Feb 5               Women’s Bible study                         7:00 pm

Feb 11             Ad council                                          7:00 pm

Feb 16             Fellowship meal

Scripture from the heart                      2:00 pm

Feb 18             Men's breakfast at Bodo's on Preston 6:30 am

Feb 19             Women’s bible study                          7:00 pm