Bulletin September 29, 2013

Discipled by God’s Word

September 29, 2013

Gathering in Gods mercy

Pre-service music

Hymns             Enough

Ancient of Days

Call to worship


Hymn              Let My Words Be Few


Hearing Gods grace

Children’s story

Offering/Hymn           Grant us, Lord, the grace        HWB 388

  “Grant us, Lord, the grace of giving, with a spirit large and free, 

   that ourselves and all our living we may offer unto thee.”

Scripture          Ephesians 4:2-3


Hymn              Still

Sharing Gods grace

Sharing of joys and concerns and church at work (Announcements)

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn              I Love You Lord



The Carnival de Resistance is coming to Charlottesville. They are setting up camp at Sojourners UCC. More info coming…  http://carnivalderesistance.com/home_about/

Prayers and Praises

Mennonite Mission Network: Thank God for Scott Litwiller’s ministry in Colombia through Mennonite Mission Network. Pray for Scott as he transitions to the next steps in his life and as he applies what God taught him during his time of service. Pray also for the Mennonite youth in Colombia.

VMMissions: Last month, Vince & LaVonne, Sid, Bradie, and Justin Ramella arrived for a term of service in Kosovo for language learning and acculturation, while building relationships. Pray that these first months of transition go smoothly.


 Pray for the local services for people in need: Love Inc., Shelter for  Help in Emergency, Food Bank, Salvation Army, IMPACT –  a justice ministry and PACEM- the initiative for the homeless.