Taize Evensong

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm :1046

Be still: Be quiet…be silent…be tranquil…be present…be now…be here


Dear Friends of Taizé,

I invite you again to the gift of meditation of Taizé, to spend an hour communing with God, finding strength in his quiet presence. We meet every second Wednesday a month at 8 pm, from September through May.

As usual, the hour-long service will loosely follow the format of evening prayer used in the ecumenical community of Taizé in France. It is a service of sung prayer with additional periods of silence, scripture reading and intercession. Other languages are used at points in the service to symbolize the worldwide Christian community. All denominations in the community are welcome to participate, and there will be coffee, tea and cookies after the service with time for fellowship with each other.

The Taize community was founded in 1940 by Roger Schultz, a seminary student from Switzerland, in the small village of Taize, France. Brother Roger, as he became known, was joined by others and formed a community devoted to prayer and living a parable of reconciliation within the church and the human family. The Community is made up of brothers from all the continents and major denominations who gather together three times a day, seven days a week, throughout the year to pray (whether there are 7000 young people present or only twenty). Today, thousands of young people and adults from from around the world come to Taize to pray with the community. Throughout the world others join in homes and churches using Taize music and prayer in an effort to become a more prayerful, reconciled presence of Christ.



Date: Wednesday January 08, 2014

Time: 08:00pm

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