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Stephen Colbert might have smiled and cried on Palm Sunday 33 AD

The popular Irish Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert often sets up frames of understanding as a part of his humor. He frames a situation and invites folks to look through the frame with new eyes as he smiles at the implications he does not name…and we laugh. The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Why Mennonite?

Why Mennonite? Why Anabaptist? There are more than 57 varieties of Christians so why Mennonite? Throughout this blog are some links to speakers who go more in depth in an easy to listen to style. Mennonite emphases include: 1–Focusing on a lived faithfulness by following Jesus in daily life through … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Vision Statements

*** I welcome you to the blog for Charlottesville Mennonite Church! Our hope is that this blog will provide you a flavor of the spirit of our fellowship, encouraging deeper reflection and fostering conversation. The following is a meditation on personal visions.–RH Each of us moves through life with a … Continue reading

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